Lucia Tejada, PhD

Originally from Peru, Lucia’s culinary adventures can be traced to childhood. Raised in a traditional matriarchal family, and being the 4th link in a direct line of first-generation Peruvian matriarchs, her culinary genes took over in her 20s. Lucia has a PhD in Neuroscience, and her research experience includes studies on food behavior and the effect of social bonding on eating habits. Back in 2012 she founded “Behavioral Neurogastronomy“, a firm devoted to teaching the importance of creating and nurturing healthy relationships with food. She currently works as an association executive for a global non-profit organization in Washington, DC.  Petit Citron is the product of a life-long love affair with food, but also a celebration of friendship, joy, and love. Lucia’s whimsical creations and delicate flavors are the expression of her special relationship with legendary master chefs, who not only mentor, but inspire her to use food as a way to bring joy to those she loves.