“Lessons from The Matriarch” – Lucia and her grandma.

Petit Citron is a pâtisserie artisanale, or artisan bakery, designed to cater the most sophisticated palettes in the DC metro area.  At Petit Citron you will find beautiful, delicate, delicious pastries and savory goodies.


Following our whimsical spirit, and to make your life easier, we offer three lines of fair: Typique Charmante, Nuit Royale, and Sarriette Gourmand. And, for those feeling a bit more adventurous we have categorized our treats in three fun ways: Gâteaux, Un avant-goût, and Quelque Chose.


“Only cook (bake) for those you love”


Petit Citron has a history crafted by very special relationships. Each pastry, each bread, is made with pure love. We don’t batch-make nor outsource, we carefully customize each order to ensure quality and a one-of-a-kind experience. Indeed, we bake as if we were baking for our own. Thus, our by-referral only policy aims to create bonds that guarantee nurturing beyond gastronomic bliss.


“I simply must be french”      


The story behind our french obsession is simple: french are the masters of pastry! Period. So, in honor to our most beloved inspirations we keep it french. However, do know we play with flavors from all over the world. And, you more than likely will end up wondering why haven’t you ever tasted such flavorful treats before.