Typique Charmante is our sunday brunch meets mid-afternoon tea package.  This delicious army of delicate pastries and baked goods caters to the distinguished, yet comfort-seeking gourmand. Inspired by the season, Typique Charmante offers an exciting assortment of treats like tarts, breads, muffins, cupcakes, and cookies.  And, most importantly, Typique Charmante always features Petit Citron’s signature quiche: a french staple flavored by our secret blend of artisan cheeses.

Approved by some of DC’s most wonderful food connoisseurs, Typique Charmante guarantees nothing but a scrumptious experience… and, of course, raving compliments to the host!


fruit tart

Fruit tart made with traditional crème pâtissière and pâte sucrée.